January 29th, 2015

February 2014 : Presenting Hanifa Ambadar - CEO of Female Daily Network

by Frans Yuwono

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Dear Startups, 
Since its first started, Startup Grind Jakarta has always been inviting successful male entrepreneurs and role models. If you are attending all our events, you must admit that we have learned a great deal from these amazing speakers Startup Grind Jakarta had so far! 
To open up more horizon, this February Startup Grind Jakarta is inviting the first successful female entrepreneurs, Hanifa Ambadar CEO and Co-Founder of Female Daily Network. 

About Hanifa Ambadar: Hanifa Ambadar is the founder and CEO of Female Daily Network, Indonesia’s leading internet portal built by women for women. Initially founded in 2005 as a personal fashion blog, Female Daily Network has since expanded to become home to four distinct pillar within two domains: The Female Daily Forum is where 160,000 plus Indonesian women connect to participate in thousands of new discussions daily. Female Daily Reviews is Indonesia’s first and only user-generated website of beauty and skin care product reviews. FemaleDaily.com is the country’s foremost online authority on beauty, while MommiesDaily.com has become an indispensable guide to expecting mothers and young families. 
Through emphasis and specialization in community, Female Daily Network possesses expert insight into the behavior of women in the online sphere. This online expertise carries over into the real world through monthly community events and engagements, with social media-savvy participants. 
To learn more, join our event: Wed, 11 February 20156 - 9 PMGEPI Incubator 
For more info: http://startupgrind.com/event/startup-grind-jakarta-presents-hanifa-ambadar-female-daily-network/" target="_blank">http://startupgrind.com/event/startup-grind-jakarta-presents-hanifa-ambadar-female-daily-network/

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