March 3rd, 2016

#KISSCodeThursday Let's make SNAKE

by Adhi.Lius

Hi everyone happy Thursday. Okay so I actually run out of tips and confused of what to post, so I think I will start creating a few tutorial post for you who want to create some simple game, before I run out of ideas again.

The first game we will make is SNAKE. I do remember this is the first game I created that actually shows me how to make game and how game actually works. When I make it before, I am using DarkBasic (guess nobody knows what this is huh :P). But right now, we are going to do this using Unity3D Engine.

Today we are going to discuss some rules about snake.


1. Snake will always move in direction of up, down, left right, with a pixel as its head and all its body following its head.

2. If the head hit another body or wall, then the player lose

3. Player want to collect an item to get score

4. To get the score, player will need to hit it with the Snake head

5. Each time players get an item, their body length is increased

6. Each time the body length increased, the snake moving speed will also increase

7. The game continues until player lose by hitting wall or its own body

Now before we start to dig inside the codes (next week folks :P). Let us prepare some few things before we start the project. Prepare this few things:

1. Download and install Unity if you have not

2. Create some assets, Here are the assets:

a. head

b. body

c. item

d. wall

You can actually use same assets for head and body, but to make it easier for this tutorial I am going to differ them. I will only use a single asset for each of them since it is easier, but you can also make your own with going right, left, up, down if you want. If you do so then here are the list of assets:

a. head, (turn left, turn right, turn up, turn down)

b. body (straight horizontal, straight vertical, turn left, turn right, turn up, turn down)

c. item

d. wall

3. You can search for sound effects or bgm if you wish to add to the game later on.

Ok. If you have prepared all of them the tune in for next week where we start to create our SNAKE game. #KISSCodeThursday

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