GroupHub Enterprise

Community grow with your business.

  1. Monthly Price: Call
  2. Member: Unlimited.
  3. Processing Facilities:
    1. Community page
    2. Scheduling activities
    3. Community blog
    4. Connect with other communities
    5. Newsletter
      In each month, your community will gain a flexible number of free shipping newsletter to all members.
    6. Fundraising
      If you get a community sponsor, then you are obliged to issue 3% of the total sponsorship that you get to GroupHub.
  4. Additional Features:
    1. Content Publishing
      The advantage of using this service is GroupHub team will help create and publish a wide range of community activities without limit activity. It also will help write the news in your community blog with a maximum of four posts each month.
    2. Brand Ambassador
      Brand Ambassador is part GroupHub team prepared to meet all the needs of the community management of the company or organization.
    3. Custom Branding Site
      You can create your own web address of your community and make a sub-domain on the primary domain of your company.

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