Manage your communities easily!

GroupHub is an online platform for managing the needs of your community.

Now you can easily connect, collaborate and organize all members of your community. GroupHub allows you to set your own community agendas, such as making meetup schedules, organizing seminars, workshops, competitions, product launch, or other activities, and distribute them to all members of the community. Not only that, you could also send newsletters and find sponsors for your community. Personally, you can also join a community of your interest that are connected in GroupHub network, and you can also make your community to collaborate with other communities in your own associations.

GroupHub is also fully integrated with social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, so the information you share with the community at GroupHub can also be shared with other social media friends. You can also create a blog for the community and share information about your events and the latest information. There is also a "Fundrasing" feature where you can try to fundraise from sponsors to support your community.

GroupHub has the following main features to support your community activities:

  1. Make your Community Profile


    Making a customized community page is a good plan to grow your community brand. By customizing your community page, you can ensure that your community is easily distinguished from other communities.

    GroupHub will give you a right to set your own online profile of your community, such as the selection of photo profiles, cover picture, color and theme.

  2. Schedule Events/Meetups


    To get potential memberss, you must be a active to promote your community. The best way is to have an active agenda of routine activities, such as regular meetings, meetup, or seminars. Let them them know your about community agendas and events. These schedules can increase member attendance and open the doors to get new potential members.

    In GroupHub, you can create a schedule of community events easily and share it to members and others, including other with your friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Communities can also set their own privacy settings for the events.

  3. Create Awesome Blog


    Community blog is a great way to share new things about community activities. Every organizer should share latest information, such as tips, general knowledge, agenda, or a new member profile. Engage your current members and show prospective members that your community is really active by providing blogs from time to time.

  4. Collaborate with other communities


    Connect with other communities and start collaborating. In GroupHub, you can create associations to collaborate with similar communities or chapters. Being connected with other communities open up collaboration opportunities and networks, as well as new friends and potential members.

  5. Newsletter


    Newsletters provide information about the community, such as events, blogs, photos, or other informations for all members. Delivering a newsletter on a regular basis will allow members to know the latest information about their community.

    In GroupHub, the community can send newsletters easily to all members. GroupHub believe that it is good to update members so that members can stay connected to their community.

  6. Fundraising


    GroupHub believes that making amazing things happen sometimes just need a little help from sponsors. That's why GroupHub provides dedicated space for sponsors so that your community can "sell" creative ideas directly to the sponsor in an easy way.

So, what are you waiting for? Manage your community now with GroupHub.

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