GroupHub Ambassador Program

GroupHub Ambassador log

GroupHub Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to connect GroupHub and their university. This ambassador:

  • Learn about GroupHub product.
  • Plan and organize fun events on campus.
  • Acting as a contact for GroupHub campus.
  • Help GroupHub to understand the culture of each university.

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GroupHub Ambassador requirement

An ideal GroupHub Ambassador is listed as active students aged between 18-30 years, an active user of, and is involved with several organizations and student activities on campus.

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Advantage as GroupHub Ambassador

GroupHub Ambassador had the opportunity to improve professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and access to a unique network with GroupHub Ambassador at other campuses. Plus, there are Welcome Pack!
A GroupHub Ambassador is also entitled for a unique keepsake from GroupHub. This keepsake will be given at the end of the period in accordance with the assessment of your role in this program.

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Roles and responsibilities

As a GroupHub Ambassador, you will have the roles and responsibilities to:

  1. Represent GroupHub at school / college
  2. Promote mission and vision GroupHub and our products / services
  3. Establish good communication and collaboration with existing community on campus
  4. Inspire, recruit, and support new contributors
  5. Documenting the activities
  6. Attending regular meetup

Registration and Selection

You can register GroupHub Ambassador program is as follows:

  1. Click the button below and fill out the registration form that we have provided
  2. You will receive a reply email, maximum one week later about your the next step
  3. If you are qualify, then you will follow the interview step
  4. You will receive a reply email, maximum one week later about final result to be GroupHub Ambassador