We are proud to be a part of your social life

Community is part of our social DNA


We are not just a platform to connect communities. We are not just a technology company. We are creators, innovators, and builders dedicated to revolutione the social life of your community.

Meet our great team!

Frans Yuwono, CEO and Founder of us, set up GroupHub pad when he finds an opportunity for the community to be able to grow more than just sharing experiences and information. We are proud to be a platform that helps you meet your needs as a community.

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We are happy to share information

Every day we share information and knowledge together. And of course we would be very happy to share the information that we know with you and the community. Because we want to grow with you.

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Our dedication to you who continue to learn

GroupHub believe that education is the right environment for mutual learning, share knowledge, and have a lot of friends. Similarly, the non-profit organization that aims for the common welfare. Therefore GroupHub also dedicate themselves to support the community in education and nirlanba organizations to grow and develop together.

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We want to get closer to you

Because we work with a lot of new users, we meet people who love our products. We invite you as ambassador to join us and know us closer.

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