June 15th, 2015

Membership - the most common problem in Community

by Yoe One

"We need more members! Our members are not unstable! Some members don't even come to our meeting anymore "

If you have heard those things before, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, I went to almost all different clubs everywhere in the world and I found the same problem - Membership.

Let's discuss why membership is really a problem. To begin with, all clubs usually have some common goals and they have the 2 things :

1. Establish their community - by inviting friends to join the community, make their community, make a website for their commuinity,  and establish goals for their community

2. Making Events/Meetups - by inviting their members or other guests to their Event or Meetup.

It sounds really easy when you start and when you already have some friends with you, making a community can be a very quick process.

However, once you already have a community, membership becomes something that you have to maintain since membership directly correlates to the following :

1. Community Attractiveness - if you only have a few members, chances are that you will not be able to attract big sponsors or awesome members.

2. Community Event  - if you only have a few members, doing a big event will be much harder and takes too much energy.

3. Community Cash Flow - if your community rely on membership dues to pay expenses, you can only have small income when you only have a few members

4. Community Membership Retention  - Do you know that new members will likely to drop from your community when your community doesn't do much each month ? Not only it is hard to gain new members, it is also hard to retain these members when your community only has a few members.

By now, you should already realize that no matter what it takes, your community HAS TO GROW your members. It is like a spiral chain of cause-and-effect, the more members you have, the more positive your community can achieve. Nevertheless, it goes vice versa.

Luckily for you, we in GroupHub already creates a Social Community Management Platform so that you can attract new members in a much more SOCIAL way, plus you can tackle all of the above.

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