June 8th, 2015

Community Building is a key to grow customer loyalty to your Brands/Business/Startups

oleh Yoe One

Ever want to know why more and more Business/Brands/Startups turns to Community Builder for help ?

For most business/brands/startups, growing your customer base is they key to revenue and essentially, profits. However, more people realize that they can't really just hard-sell their products to their customers. Providing after-sell service, getting more customer's testimonial and essentially, building a community for your brands/business/startups will lead to a much higher customer loyalty and education.

Take for example, if you are trying to buy a new Android, you will want to know much about the features and new things about it. Once you buy it, then you want to know about how you can hack the device, what are the tips to maintain it, and any strategies. You will eventually start searching for community of people who already bought the same Android and probably learn a thing or two from the community. And after a while, you become an expert and you want to contribute back to the community.

Can you see how a community can propel your brands/business/startups ? Having a community for your business/brands/startups can actually mean a loyal customer base who can automatically convert into a recurring revenue in the future as well.

However, making a good community is definitely not easy at all. And this is where Community Organizer/Builder come to help you.

In essential, a good Community Builder can help making your community vibrant and welcoming to new members, and thus, making your customer/member base grow. A good Community Builder has a passion to meet and greet your customers and inform them anything new about your products/business. A good Community Builder can attract more people to join your Community and identify which ones could ascend to the leadership roles.

Best of all, a good Community Builder is passionate and knows how to make it happen.

If your business/brands/startups ever need a Community Builder, you can take advantage of our GroupHub Entreprise and Contact Us anytime. We are a group of passionate Community Builders and we are excited to make your Community happen for you.

Community Builder

source : Leader Networks (totally agree with the pic above)

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